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Information About Buying InflatableWater Slides




If you are looking to buying inflatable water slides toys for your children, it is possible to visit this page and water slide here.Do you intend to buy water slides? If so, Here are the most important things to consider when purchasing water slide, or what is also known as a water park. This article will explain about water slide, buying water slide, water slide for sale, banzai water slide and inflatable water for your children.

Name Product

Intex Water Slide Inflatable Play Center, 135" X 81" X 50", for Ages 6+

Backyard Adventure Water Park Slide Sprinklers, 17.9 Foot long Fun Course Party

SuperSlide Inflatable In Ground Pool Water Slide by Swimline

WOW Super Slide l 25' x 6' Water Slide

Ages 8-10 years old 8-12 years old 8-12 years old 8-12 years old
Setup Easy to setup Easy to setup Easy Easy
Product Dimensions 20 x 14 x 4 inches 160 x 66 x 64 inches 16 x 5 x 20 inches 131 x 90 x 44 inches
Item Weights 11.2 pounds 32 pounds 15 pounds 17 pounds

Buying inflatable water slides online also can helps you make the best decision and can compare the inflatable water slides that available online before you buy inflatable water slides. One of the most important criteria that you must know before buying inflatable water is to know the reliable sellers and trusted sellers that can provide you with the best inflatable water slides. There are also many review and guidelines before buying inflatable water slides such as the material that been used, the size, how to setup and many. These is the steps that you should know before buying inflatable water slides.

Mini Trampoline at Walmart

Do you want to buy mini trampoline at Walmart? There are many choice available at Walmart if you want to buy mini trampoline. Walmart has been known as the place that provides the best product for consumer. Walmart is one of the top company in the world that focus on the delivering value to the customer regarding the price and quality service to maintain the relationship with the customer. This article will explains about the mini trampoline at Walmart and how can you buy it at Walmart. Buying from Walmart should be a wonderful experience for you as the customer.

There are many mini trampoline at Walmart that you can choose such as my first trampoline, mini trampoline, skywalker trampoline, kids trampoline and many more. Choosing the best trampoline can also helps you can your family to enjoy wonderful moment and keep the enjoyable time experience. Kids mostly love mini trampoline at Walmart because it much cheaper, durable and not expensive. Mini trampoline at Walmart comes in many variety that can helps you in choosing the best one for your children. In this article I will list the mini trampoline that available at Walmart and also at Amazon. This guide also can be used as the references if you want to buy other mini trampoline for kids.

A mini trampoline is a proper version of regular trampolines; they are used for several recreational and also for competitive reasons. As they are small they can be contained anywhere in the house. Children utilize them most of the time as play too. They are being used by children and adults alike. They have several health benefits to, now that they are easily available anywhere you can buy one for your house and make use of these for several reasons. If you have a good space, then you can afford to buy the bigger ones, but in case you have limited space or no yard space for all the mini trampolines are the best options for you. walmart tool guides you when buying your mini trampoline

Buying a mini trampoline from Walmart is easy because usually doesn’t require a trip to a particular store its faster online. Walmart is the best store to buy because they offer big discount on fitness equipment, and the mini trampoline is among the more affordable equipment there. You can buy a small trampoline for a small home or a larger trampoline if you have more space. You can even find a foldable model if you often travel so that you can enjoy the benefits of mini trampoline jumping even on the road.

Adults can use these for exercising and warm up purposes. As the rebound is less, there are minimal damages to the health, and they can be used on a regular basis. The bigger ones have massive rebound, so they are more suitable for competitive reasons. You can avail these at Walmart online if you want to eliminate or avoid the storefront hassles, that’s why it’s suggestive to buy online. Buying online at Walmart will help you get the best deals on these as they are sometimes sold at discounted rates. So as long as you have a computer or phone and internet access, you can buy.

Mini trampoline prices differ according to the material it is made from and the various benefits it provides. Working out on a mini trampoline is considered to be a form of cardio exercise which is very beneficial for the overall body fitness. There is no age boundary and people of any age can use this equipment for their daily exercise routine. It increases blood circulation and provides many other health benefits. You can easily lose some extra body weight with the help of form of exercise. It burns out the extra calories and increases the metabolism rate which is very important if you want to lose weight.

Many exercises can be done on mini trampolines, and if you need information on these, you can get it on the internet. Simply jumping on these can also help you reduce that extra fat. When you are initially making use of these, you need to get the hang of it because if you use it without getting used to it, it may cause leg sprain or even the neck sprain. Therefore, you should ensure that the rebound is as much as your body can take so that there are no adverse effects on your health.

Jumping with mini trampolines accelerates the heart beat, and for that reason, the blood gets pumped quicker so that there is sufficient supply of blood to every part of the body. There are more health benefits of using these apart from staying fit and just the heart rate. All you need to do is buy at Walmart and find out the benefits yourself. All you need to do is make sure that the one you are purchasing is of the best quality so that your health is maintained. While buying these online make sure that you read the customer reviews so that you can get an idea of which one is of the best quality.

Some mini trampolines come with an enclosure net for safety purposes, or you can buy the net separately if one doesn’t come with the mini trampoline you choose. There are many advantages to having a safety enclosure around your trampoline mainly if it will be used by younger children so this is definitely something you will want to look into if and when you’re buying a new mini trampoline.

There are quite a few options available to you; buying from Walmart tend to be cheaper than many local stores so you can buy your mini trampoline online and have it shipped to you if you wish.

Banzai water slides are a popular inflatable toy for children. The word toy can mean that these slides can be tiny, but in fact, you can get really great inflatable suits designed for comfortable resolution of 5 children to play on it at any time. In fact, although these water slides really are aimed at young people, adults can also have a strange slide and still get noisy. Here are some additional information about the Banzai water slides.

Banzai is a brand name that generally specializes in water toys, slides, and inflatable bouncers. The vast majority of these products are an inflatable of some description. The bouncers, for example, fill with air into a bouncy castle or even a moonwalk. If these names mean nothing to you, they are basically inflated air mattresses in the shape of a castle that youngsters can jump up and down on.

They are excellent for special situations where there are lots of children in search of some kind of entertainment. The feeling of weightlessness, as well as the action of jumping, will entertain children that have an abundance of energy to use up. These inflatable bouncers can be used in almost any weather (hot and cold but rain wouldn’t really work) nevertheless water slidestend to be more fitting to the hotter months and Summer as the kids will get wet.


Banzai make loads of water slides that have an assortment of features and themes. The big slides are known as water parks and often have a theme to them. They’re referred to as a water park because they often have multiple slides on them and possess various other things to play with. For example, the simple slides contain a splash pool to slow the slider down as he/she hits the bottom. Water parks can have a bigger pool that they may refer to as being a lagoon. They are big enough for other people to sit down in simultaneously as the sliders are sliding.

Further features of these inflatable water parks are tunnels to climb through, walls to climb up and other things like water cannons and basket ball hoops to play with. As I say, these water parks are sufficiently big for four to 5 young ones to play on. They could have fun on the slides, wet their mates using the water cannons or play hoops with a ball. If they need a rest they can unwind in the lagoon orpaddle swimming pool.

Because these inflatable water slides are really easy to set up, they are sure to get loads of use during the balmy weather and little question your house is going to be a popular venue within your neighborhood once word spreads that you have a Banzai water slide.

Banzai Sidewinder Falls – Buy Your Kids a Great Inflatable Water SlideFor Summer.

One way to get the kids outside when the summer holidays arrive is to get them an inflatable water slide like the Banzai Falls water slide. If you make the preparations in time you will find that you will enjoy the season as much as your children will.

Banzai water slides are designed with children and fun in mind and their giant inflatable size is sure to keep your kids coming back for more. Additionally, they are available in many different models, so you can buy multiple differentwater slides and set them up in your back yard. Your children will play outside all day, and the best part is, it will wear them out so they do not try to agitate you for entertainment. A bored child is never a good thing, and during the summer when kids are especially prone to boredom, outdoor water toys prevent that boredom by providing hours of entertainment.

The Banzai Sidewinder Falls is a really huge inflatable water slide that is a construction made up of different sections and compartments. What this means is that kids will get hours of enjoyment playing the different parts this slide.

The Different Components Of This Banzai Water Slide

We all love to have time to be out splashing about in water the minute the sun arrives and this is something that can be done using this slide. The very first thing that children are able to get pleasure from is the chance of climbing up the very high wall. It measures an amazing 10 feet in height. You will find safety features designed within the structure so that you can be sure that nobody can injure or hurt themselves. The climbing frame is designed with heavy duty products that are easy to hold onto and it is incredibly durable. Additionally, there is hand pulls that a child can use to pull themselves upwards.

When you get to the top of the water slide, you can walk to the side of the slide and push yourself over the edge where you’ll then travel down the winding slide. Towards the bottom, you are going to see a pool full of water that is just there to finish your journey with a splash.

The other enjoyable component of this water slide is the internal tunnel that is built along one side of the structure. You will find that if you enter from the side you can expect to find that you end up traveling along the miniature slide that also ends up in the pool of water.

This is definitely a great option for younger kiddies who are not yet brave enough to scale the wall but who also want to join in with all the enjoyment on the slide.

So if you are on the hunt for one of the best water slides that will sit right there in your backyard for the youngsters and their friends to enjoy this summer then you should have a look at ordering the Banzai Sidewinder Falls water slide. Take a look online so that you can compare and contrast the prices that are currently on offer and you are sure to end up with the best deal available

Water slides have been always reserved for water and theme parks across the planet. Now, you can have the same experience at your backyards, using inflatable water slides. Yes, they are smaller, but they are also a great source of fun for your children and occasionally for you as well. Best inflatable water slides do exist, but finding them is not an easy task. There are a lot of versions, sizes, models, specs and etc. so all of that may be confusing. That is why our guide is beneficial for you.

What you should know before buying inflatable water slides

Name Product

Intex Water Slide Inflatable Play Center, 135" X 81" X 50", for Ages 6+

Backyard Adventure Water Park Slide Sprinklers, 17.9 Foot long Fun Course Party

SuperSlide Inflatable In Ground Pool Water Slide by Swimline

WOW Super Slide l 25' x 6' Water Slide

Ages 8-10 years old 8-12 years old 8-12 years old 8-12 years old
Setup Easy to setup Easy to setup Easy Easy
Product Dimensions 20 x 14 x 4 inches 160 x 66 x 64 inches 16 x 5 x 20 inches 131 x 90 x 44 inches
Item Weights 11.2 pounds 32 pounds 15 pounds 17 pounds

Obviously, inflatable water slides are a great source of fun for your child and his friends. They will have a great time playing in the backyard, eliminating the need to go to public pools and water parks. It is easier to keep your child safe back in the backyard than in a water park, obviously. We can say that this is the main advantage of these water slides and the main reason why you need one, or two.

Physical activity, which is guaranteed is the next benefit. Children will spend hour and hours playing and enjoying. Activity in the water is known for requiring more energy than those on the ground, such is football or etc. This simply means that a child will use more energy during the day and sleep better during a night. If we add that they will enjoy in the new inflatable water slide for days and probably for months, we can deduce how important this investment is.

For parents, this kind of investment is also a potential source of fun. You and parents of other kids can gather around in your backyard, while children enjoy the water slide. It is an ideal recipe for a frequent gathering and for mutual benefit. Adding barbecue to the equation is a common choice.

Some individuals believe that water slides are purpose built for in-ground swimming pools. In reality, this is completely different. Inflatable water slides can be used for in-ground, above ground and for inflatable swimming pool. Although setting is slightly different, the end result is the same. The fun is guaranteed.

Features to look for

At the first sight, an inflatable water slide is a simple product that does not have plenty of features nor anything to look for. At the same time, this is the most common mistake, almost 90% of buyers make. Inflatable water slides may look simple, but they are complicated to produce and they must meet specific criteria. That is why we will reveal the most important features that should be considered.

  • Which material to look for?

In this situation, you will be able to choose between gauge vinyl, commercial grade nylon and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Generally, all of the models are durable, but some last longer than others. Those made from PVC are a decent and the most common choice, but those made from commercial grade nylon are the strongest. This is also important for the weight. Some water slides are heavy, so they are more complicated to install, while others are lightweight.

  • Size and shape

The size of an inflatable water slide is important due to several reasons. First of all, can it be fitted in your backyard? If you have a small backyard, getting a large water slide is pointless. Make sure there is plenty of space left all; around the water slide. That is why the shape is also relevant in this case. Square ones occupy the least space, but they usually have smaller sizes. In general, this aspect should be adjusted according to your swimming pool and backyard.

  • Recommended children’s age

Some water slides are designed for children age 3, while others can be used by children age 10-15. This is an essential factor to be considered before you even choose to purchase a model. Obviously, it is determined by the age of your children. They are ranked according to the height and the weight load. Some can withstand 100 pounds, while others can withstand 50-80 pounds. Here is also mandatory to consider safety features. Safety netting, several anchor points and slide heights should be essential for water slides for younger children. Top tip: Those that are designed for older kids can be used for a longer period of time, until children overgrow them.

  • Number of slides and chambers

Here we have a factor that each inflatable water slides review must include. How many slides and chamber a particular model has? More slides mean more fun, but also bigger size and more weight. There is no point in looking for a model with just one slide if you have two children or your kids have plenty of friends. Those with 4 slides are usually treated as the most common and the best-buy option. The situation is the same with chambers. Models with 3 chambers are sufficient for more children of different age.

  • Price- Cheaper or more durable?

Even cheap inflatable water slides should be taken into account. They are 2 times more affordable than expensive relatives and yes, they last short, but they bring one benefit. They allow for you to get a new one after a shorter period of time. If your requirements have changed, they are the best alternative. On the other hand, we have more expensive models. If you don’t plan to replace it soon, paying extra is a wise investment.

  • Design

For children, how an inflatable water slide looks is important. It is also relevant to most buyers, because it can match or stand out from the rest of your backyard. Being developed for children, these water slides come with flowers, cartoon characters, bright colors or simple design that usually involve stripes. There are no rules here nor can this factor be generalized. It is up to you which design you want and which one you need. However, letting your kid choose the design is a smart thing to do.

  • For children or for a business venture

Inflatable water slides are made for children and for businesses. Depending on why you need it and where you plan to use it, choose carefully. Commercial ones are made to incorporate business logo and to withstand rougher usages, but they also cost more. Those that are designed to be used by children in swimming pools are more affordable, have a different design and require more maintenance. The main difference between these two types is in the design/colors. Commercial ones feature a single color and they don’t look fun. In addition, they are also much larger than models for households.

  • Additions

The factor in question is something that can make a purchase better and more appealing to your children. Additions include items such are sprayers, surprise buckets of water and many other. Some additions are available only with premium models, while some come with interesting elements and still maintain a low price. One addition that stands out from the crowds is blower. It is used to inflate the slide and to maintain the proper amount of air inside. Most models come with blowers, but not all of them.

  • Repair kit

A repair kit is a factor that isn’t extremely important. In essence, a repair kit will include equipment to fix a hole in the inflatable water slide. It is better to have one than not to, but just in case, this kit can be purchased occasionally. There are also additional techniques to repair a hole or you can always call a handyman.

  • Setting up time

How much time do you need to set up the inflatable water slide? Usually, the time is around 10 minutes, but larger units require half an hour. Does a model come with DVD and a proper installation manual? These are all separate actors that should be taken into consideration. Of course, if you are expert with water slides, you won’t even need manual.

Best inflatable water slides

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  1. Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer

Here we have one of the best inflatable water slides. It has a splash pool, two slides, and climbing wall. At the top, surprise bucket filled with water is included. Thanks to its size (144 x 144 x 101 inches) it is suitable for 4 children and it can withstand 350 pounds of weight load. The total weight of the water slide is 47 pounds. Another reason why it is included in inflatable water slides review is the recommended age, which is between 5 and 10 years.


  • Value for money.
  • Large (space for 4 children).
  • Safety.
  • Suitable for children between 5 and 10 years of age.


  • Hard to deflate.
  • Requires plenty of time to get dry.
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  1. Blast Zone Spray-n-Splash 2 Inflatable Water Park

This water slide is known as a premium model. Accordingly, it has a lot to offer. Not only it comes with UL Blower, but it also includes hose and sprayer. All of this means that installing the unit is quick and easy. Made from industrial grade vinyl, this inflatable water slide will last for many summers without a single damage. The recommended age is above 3 years and 5 children can use the water slide at the same time.


  • Comes with UL blower and attachments.
  • Large.
  • 3 different splash pools.
  • Easy to set it up.


  • Complicated to dissemble.
  • More powerful blower would be better.
  • Just one slide.
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  1. Blast Zone Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park

Made to provide the same experience your children get in water parks and to be used anywhere where you want. This water slide comes with a capacity of 6 children, it is well made and it has 18’L x 8’H x 11’W dimension. We liked the splash pool area, which is much larger than on similar models. In addition, it is made from commercial grade material.


  • For 6 children.
  • Extra-durable.
  • Large splash pool.
  • Great design.


  • Expensive.
  • Requires plenty of time to set up.
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  1. Spring & Summer Toys Banzai Slide

Here we have one of the best inflatable water slides when it comes to the safety. Large and sturdy construction will be sufficient for children age 5 and up. Setting it up takes 4 minutes thank to the easily inflate method which requires 2 minutes only. If we add the fact it is made with Dura-Tech construction, we can deduce that it is a high-quality unit.


  • Dura-Tech construction.
  • Safety.
  • 2 minutes are needed to inflate the water slide.
  • 7 bouncer stakes.
  • 3 blower stakes.


  • Low supported weight load (150 pounds).
  • Hose isn’t included.
  • You will need a lot of time to set it up.
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  1. Blast Zone Pirate Bay Inflatable Combo Water Park

The inflatable water slides review simply must include this model. It is the largest of them all, with a dimension of 20 x 12 x 8 inches. There will be plenty of space for 5 children, and possibly more. The splash pool is also a large one, so the ultimate fun is guaranteed. Keep in mind that this model is designed for children age 3-12 years, so it can be used very long.


  • Very big.
  • Provides an excellent source of fun.
  • Requires 2 minutes to be inflated.
  • For children up to 12 years old.
  • Perfect for birthday parties.


  • Requires plenty of space.
  • Heavy (87 pounds).
  • Plugging water hose into the slide is complicated.

Kids would just enjoy having a water park in their very own backyard. Just think how many hours they would spend amusing themselves, at the same time keeping them calm and relaxed. It retains them active and takes away their monotony.Water slides can be used either wet or dry, for summer or winter.

When looking to purchase an inflatable water slide, you will want to consider the following:

-Is the water slide for your kids, relatives, friends, or a business venture?

Certainly, it would make a great contribution, but the water slide could also be a daily surprise. If you buy water slide for commercial use, you could surely start a business opportunity. If you are capable of setting up the water slide at parks, events, fairs, and elsewhere in your community, they will benefit abundantly. Therefore you have to look into the legal and business requirements of such a venture.

If the water slide if not for commercial purpose then consider the following;
-How many kids are intending to use the water park at any time?

Every inflatable doll that children will be on will have limitations regarding how many kids can be on it at once. The specifications will list the highest number of children allowed at any given time or the maximum weight levels. You have to examine what you are buying the water slide for and who will be using it. Always read the set-up and protection guidance, before use.

-Is there enough room for the inflatable and is the area safe?

Inflatable water parks come in various sizes. Obviously, you have to estimate the area outside in which you will be laying the inflatable water park. The surrounding area should be clear of any hazards to kids, or even potential damage to the inflatable water slide itself. The inflatable will have to be harmlessly attached to the ground, so you do have to know the make-up of the field.

-What features do you require and what is your budget?

You could say that the bigger the inflatable water slide, then the more expensive it will be. That makes because there is more material to it, but also more kids can use it at once. However, some water slides are made up of more than just a sliding area. Some inflatables also contain a bouncing area for kids; some have a ball pit area, some a basketball hoop. The more activities the holds, the more kids it can accommodate.

This article will explains about water slide that available online. Acquiring a water slide[/is a good idea to make sure that your children and family have lots of fun in the warm weather. If you want to buy kiddies pool for your room you can go to this website kiddies pools and also lawn water poolBringing your family and stuff needed to the beach is not as practical and convenient as having a water slide. You can be sure that you can keep the family safe from danger and the dirty surroundings in the beaches. You don’t use the dirty bathroom on the beach. At the backyard, the things you need are accessible. You can eat what you want and don’t have to worry the shortage of food since the kitchen is close at hand. To have more fun, you can even invite some of your friends.


Water slidesare safe and durable yet excellent and affordable at the same time. The water slide is made with the purpose of safe fun for the whole family and friends. The water slide is known for its strength and durability, scratch resistance, and being leak proof.


You can choose from the variety of styles and designs. It has additional features so everyone can enjoy this. The idea of making creative styles in making water slides is to have more fun. Some designs will make your backyard look like a water park. You can sit back and enjoy watching your kids have fun in your makeshift water park.

There are different types of water slides. There are water slides that are suitable for small children, bigger children, and even adults. The materials vary from inflatable products to fiberglass. The diversity of cost of the water slide will depend on the additional features and size. If you have enough funding, you can acquire a water slide for your backyard whenever you want.

Buying Inflatable water slides

Inflatable water slides can have a positive impact on any outdoor event where there are children involved. Some people choose to rent these for special occasions, such as birthday parties. Others make the one-time investment of purchasing inflatable slides for their kids. Whichever choice you make, know that having one of these on hand will be lots of fun and excitement for any children around. Also, if you offer a party planning service, you will want to be sure to have at least one of these slides on hand to increase your revenue.

These are ideal for children with birthdays that fall during the summer months. The weather is so hot that having an outdoor party is preferred, but it is nice to be able to cool off as the festivities carry on. The answer has a large slide that you can rush down into a pool of water. Plus, the water squirts down the slide itself, providing yours with even more coolness as your enjoy your or your friend’s birthday party.

Buying inflatable slides also make for great entertainment pieces for other outdoor events. Family reunions and barbecue can be a lot more exciting once you have added a water slide to the mix. This can keep the children out of your hair while you catch up with relatives that you do not see on a regular basis, or friends that you enjoy spending time with. Plus, it gives all the children a fun way to enjoy the day, and you will not worry about them getting overheated.

Where to buying Water Slide

It is very important to know where to buy water slide because it can helps you learn and know about the best water slide that you can buy. Most of the people know that buying water slideonline is very risky because you must test and aware about the product replacement and faulty of the product. Next is when buying water slide also you as the customer must buyingwater slide from the reputable seller and reputable sources so that you can claim for damages when there is problem with your products. You must also understand and aware that buying a water slide online also can help in using the best material from the best seller online.

For those that are living in areas where it is a hot a great deal of the years, inflatable water slides can be a good investment for everyday use. Putting one of these slides in your backyard for your children can have them loving the outdoors during the summer. Nowadays, children prefer sitting indoors in front of the television and video gaming system for hours at a time. Having a unique device such as an inflatable water slide at home can change their minds and have them outside with their friends.

If you run a business that offers party planning, it is a good idea to have one or two inflatable slides available for your clients. Those that do not wish to purchase such a slide will have to rent them from someone when their outdoor event. One may have chances of wasting a lot of money if you do not have inflatable slides or offer with your party planning services.

They are an excellent way to provide hours of entertainment to your children. It can get them off the couch and outside, having fun with their family and friends. They are good investments if you want to have one on hand in your backyard. You could also just choose to rent a slide when you have barbecues or other events going on.


Tips To Rent and Buying Inflatable Water Slides

The competition is big on the market. Therefore, you should have unique and engaging inflatable slides. For that reason, you need to rent such slides which can attract their attention, actually the attention of their children because the kids are the main users of these toys. Therefore, you need to procure high-quality and eye-catching inflatable water slides that will out you from your competition.

The next issue that follows from the previous tip is to find a good supplier for these slides. There are lots of different suppliers on the market all over the world. It is suggested that you contact those suppliers for the inflatable products who give a 3-year warranty for their products. Also, the good suppliers should provide 24/7 free technical support and give the possibility to their customers to order slides in custom sizes as well.

The best quality must be your priority, too. Don’t purchase those slides which are produced from the low-quality materials. For instance, transparent PVC and tarpaulin are such materials that can withstand all bad weather conditions and last a long time. Also, these materials are waterproof, fire-retardant and environmentally friendly.

Today, one of the best ways to get your customers’ attention is to use social media. In connection with a descriptive website that will deliver a fantastic experience through pictures of other people having the exact experience of what you are selling.

Because sliding down an inflatable party game is an exciting and fun experience; at all ages; words fall short when trying to express it. Catching the eye of the decision makers, when it comes to renting an exciting and original alternative to entertain the little ones is the target; however, their decision will be made as soon as they see other little ones having the experience they want for their rascals.

The most efficient way to get your in the top of the heart of your customers is to create an innovating and emotional social media campaign, which will give you high results. Remember that social media will work only if the aspiring buyers will need to easily and quickly transfer themselves into a website that will provide that safety feeling that comes from having the complete information and getting to know that the organization providing fun for their little ones is one that assures quality, credibility and excellent customer service on all fronts.

Banzai Water Slides What You Must Know About It

Children have a fascination with water and like to play with it in some fashion. Maybe it’s so simple as turning on a sprinkler and running through the water. This, by and large, evolves into the odd water fight here and there with water pistols, buckets of water and water bombs. Anybody that has a pool turns into the middle of the neighborhood world for young children. Banzai water slides are the best bet if you are looking for this type of fun. This article will chat about Banzai water slides plus what you could look ahead to from these pleasurable inflatable water toys.

Banzai manufacture a sizable stock of water slides. They range from a simple slide to a “water park.” The term water park sounds like a fairly grandiose term if you have been to a real water park that is built on fifty hectares plus has dozens of slides, but for something you set up in your backyard, it can be pretty nifty.The original Banzai falls water slide is a single slide. It is rather high up (about sixteen ft.) and is good for kids five years and up. I would say it’s best for kids around 5-12. I believe teenage kids would find it a little bit too tiny. Visit this page to learn more about inflatable water slides and inflatable pool slide

What the Banzai Falls is well designed to keep kids on the go and active. There’s a climbing wall with handles and foot holes that let the kids reach the top of the slide in a cool way like they’re scaling a mountain face. In fact, this is a facet of all Banzai water slides.The slide itself has an archway at the top of the slide that sprays water along the slide. This ensures that the surface is slick and the youngsters fairly soar down. They’ll love the ride. When they reach the bottom, there’s a splash pool that slows down their momentum gently.

The other extreme of the Falls water slide may be the Banzai Jungle Blast Water Park It is a water park one might set up in your backyard – a water park for the home in fact. This has three slides that kids can play on. It also offers a splash and paddle pool. There’s added features, like water cannons plus a hut that you could sit in at the top of the slide. This is an enormous structure by comparison to the simple slide. It’s groovy fun for a gang of kids to play on.

Both these slides (and all Banzai water toy products in reality) are inflatable set ups. A blower is supplied when you buy the slide, and every slide is designed to be inflated in less than five minutes. Afterward, all you must do is secure the structure (again with supplied guide stakes) and connect your hosepipe to the slide. This should take a maximum of half-hour and then the kids can be playing on their very own home water slide

Rules to follow after booking for Water slides rentals

Two important things you need to consider while placing an order for a jumper in a lawn and they are the weight of jumper and duration for which you are planning to place it. Glass may get flattened sometimes, but it is not at all permanent. While looking for water slides rentals see to it that you place an order with a company that regularly sanitizes jumper.

Important rule you need to follow after placing the jumper in the backyard of your house is that there has to be one adult supervising kid in the entrance of jumper. The rental company you look for will guide you with safety features and will also explain you the rules of playing in a jumper You need to mention such rules in a loud and clear way to kids so that they can follow it aptly. Here are some of the rules which you need to know as a responsible parent while planning to place an order for  rentals for any party:

Name Product

Intex Water Slide Inflatable Play Center, 135" X 81" X 50", for Ages 6+

Backyard Adventure Water Park Slide Sprinklers, 17.9 Foot long Fun Course Party

SuperSlide Inflatable In Ground Pool Water Slide by Swimline

WOW Super Slide l 25' x 6' Water Slide

Ages 8-10 years old 8-12 years old 8-12 years old 8-12 years old
Setup Easy to setup Easy to setup Easy Easy
Product Dimensions 20 x 14 x 4 inches 160 x 66 x 64 inches 16 x 5 x 20 inches 131 x 90 x 44 inches
Item Weights 11.2 pounds 32 pounds 15 pounds 17 pounds

No shoes are allowed in the bounce house, then whether it is with water slide or not.

See to it that children entering bounce house remove all type of sharp objects from their clothing. Sharp objects can hurt kids while jumping and it can also affect bounce house condition.

Consider the age group of children planning to enter water slides. See to it that should weigh almost equal enter the bounce house at a time. For instance, children between 4 to 8 years can probably enter bounce house in 8 to 10 numbers.

Don’t spoil bounce house[/easyazon_link]by allowing children to eat food inside or drink beverages inside. If this happens, then Rental Company may charge you extra money for spoiling water slides.

The bounce houseis for jumping, and water slides are for sliding. Apart from this children are not allowed to take flips or do wrestling.
No children are allowed to hang over water slide or on the top of the jumper as it can prove to be risky.

Inquire about climatic conditions before placing an order for a jumper with water slides.

In case if you find lightening happening suddenly because of climatic changes then immediately unplug the jumper.

What to Consider in Buying Inflatable Water Slides

Kids are always looking for some entertainment during their summer holidays, and there is nothing more entertaining than playing in the water. Children get crazy as soon as the summer season arrives. Every kid wants to have a water slide at the poolside to enjoy with their friends and cousins during vacations. They just go crazy for them. When water and entertainment are mixed, children usually get crazy about it. Here are some of the things that you need to consider before buying an inflatable slide for your kids.

Inflatable slides are blessing as well as entertaining in the summer season. Size is the most important factor that should be considered before buying the slide. Slide that is too big will be a problem for you if you have small space in your backyard. It will be a big waste of money as well as time. You have to determine the size of your backyard and find the suitable size according to it. Make sure that your neighbors don’t have a problem with yourslide. Choosing the proper size will indeed ensure that your kids and their friends can enjoy playing in the water. Make sure that after placing slide, there is enough space in your backyard to move around properly without any hindrance.

Slides that are designed for kids have some restrictions on some children that can play on it at one time. Make sure you are clear about the specifications and type of slide that you are going to purchase. Read the setup and safety instructions properly so that there is not any hazard in the future.

Bigger the inflatable boat, the more expensive it will be. Make sure that there are some other features included in the inflatable water-slide as the kids will feel bored after doing the same activity repeatedly. Like many glasses of water, slides contain abouncing area for kids, basketball hoop, ball pit area and some other features that would make your kids happy and satisfied. Order yourinflatable water slidesnow and make your kids feel happy and rejoiced.

Another important matter is to have an inflatable slide that is easy to dismantle and also easy to set up. Nobody likes to be burdened too much when installing it, and hence your slide should be easy for use. It is understood that it should be lightweight and hence easy for carrying, not to be bulky. Choose the slide which can be carried around easily wherever you go – on the beach, river, swimming pool, or from one place to another in your backyard. Yes, it must be compact and easy for everything.

Summer Escapes Pool

Summer is coming! Yes, we altered the famous Game of Thrones dialogue as per our own conditions. A water slide, also known as a water chute, a hydro-slide and even known is some parts as a flume, is a special kind of recreational setup which is used in water parks. It is one of the most famous and most sought-after fun spot for many. Having fun at a water slide is not just limited to kids. Even the elderly people and the teenagers can also have fun with in their own way while riding the water slide.


One of the simplest water slide is composed of a water pump which pumps the water to the altitude of the slide. Once the water reaches the desired altitude, it is then allowed to flow freely from top to bottom within a slide. The continuously running water through the slide reduces the friction to almost zero level. The sliders sit on top of slides with the water running beneath them on the surface of the water slide. They release themselves on a count of three and allow their bodies to slide freely on the slide’s surface till they reach the bottom where they are embraced by cool water in a pool. Sounds pretty amazing! Isn’t it? Of course it is one hell of fun once you set your foot in a joy land where you can find such amazing recreational spots to get yourself comfortable with.

Apart from the assembly stated above, there are lifeguards which are installed at the start and bottom of the round funnel through which a slider makes his way from top to bottom till he is into the water.

Types of Water Slide:

Traditionally, there are three kinds of water slides. It must be kept in mind that the indoor alternative of a water slide is a pool known as the Summer Escape Pool I which you can pump in water and get in once it gets filled up properly. It is like a huge bath tub.

Now we will be discussing the types of water slide.

  1. Body Slides:

As the name may suggest, the body slide is a type of water slide which requires the slider to just sit on the surface of the cube directly. This type of slide includes a variety of shapes and sizes depending upon the danger level a person can face. The most sought-after types of body slides include the simple flumes, aqua loops, speed slides and bowls.

  1. Inline Tube Slide:

There is another type of water slide which is totally different to the body slide. It is somewhat considered as a safe slide because it requires a total of 3-5 persons to sit in a specially designed plastic sofa with grippers installed at the front. If you are going to a water part along with your little angels, better try this one as it will give both you and your child, a pleasurable water slide experience. There are 2-3 sliders created inline. These slides include lots and lots of twists and turns and some even rotate you to a 360-degree angle.


Water Slides of 21st Century:

Here in this section, we will be discussing the water slides of the latest century and how these slides are becoming the best center of amusement for the kids as well as adults.

  1. The Aqua Loop:

In 1980’s, the very first water loop was installed in a park located in New Jersey. This water slide faced many confrontation issues by the city government of Vernon and had repeatedly need to close due to safety concerns. After observing the loopholes which were identified in the water slide, an Austrian manufacturer came forward and manufactured the world’s first safest and most amazing water slide which was introduced as the Aqua Loop.

The designing team of the company named as Aquarena put in their best effort to come up with a formula which will increase the thrill by lowering the chance of any unforeseen event. Which is why, their engineering department suggested that the loop is made should be inclined rather than that of a standard vertical one. The largest collection of Aqua Loops has been installed at the Wet’n’Wild Water World Park located in Australia. Total of about 4 loops have been installed there which are featuring the best ambiance and best fun experience to all those who visit the place.

  1. Bowl:

A bowl is a type of water slide in which the slider has to come down steep and drop into a bowl of water. The type of bowl which contains the water is a special type of bowl in which the slider doesn’t come down vertically, rather it makes a slider to drop like a merry go round. The tube of the bowl is quite of a different kind. It has water layers and every layer has its own controlled speed of water which turns you around with the same exact speed in which it is made to roll the water around.

The concept of family rafting came via this bowl was introduced. Another type of water slide is known as the Funnel. It allows a total of 2 to 4 seater sliders.

The water slides are one of those amazing experiences which are a must-have part of a child’s formative years. Let your kid go astray in the water parks and you will get to know in future as how the experience your kid earned, has benefitted him in the long run. In order to enjoy the water slide experience at your own home, you can buy asummer escape pool so that the entire family can hop in to a cool watered tub and you can splash the water around to add more fervor to the fun you are having with your family. Spend time with your family and we bet, these will be moments you will cherish for the rest of your life.

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They are durable

This is not the air mattress that you bought 20 years ago that you bring out when your guests come over. Inflatable water slides are both heavy duty and long lasting. Moreover, if you decide to rent these, you can have peace of mind knowing that they will withstand almost anything including heavyweight.

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They are affordable

You have to consider the costs that are required to dig up your yard and install a traditional water slide. Whether you decide to purchase or rent, they offer inflatable water slides in all price ranges making them cost-effective for families in any financial situation. Once you understand your budget, you can get a clearer idea of what you want to get.

They are easy to move around

It is so easy to set and pack up inflatable water slidesallowing you to bring them from one place to another. If not in use, they can be turned into a compact, portable unit to transport to any location which is why there are so many companies that offer this instalment.

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There are several reasons to consider before renting an inflatable water slide that your kids will love. Let’s face it; we live in the digital age where there are fewer activities that families enjoy during the summer. Setting up your water park will be a big hit with friends and family. They are great for any occasion a birthday party, graduation party, and other kinds of celebrations. Before you decide on renting aninflatable water slide, here are some questions you might want to ask yourself on deciding what particular unit to buy:

How much space do you have?

If you have a space that is limited in your yard or wherever you plan to set it up, you might want a unit that can be inflated and disassembled easily so that you can use your yard for other things. Those who are fortunate enough to have a large property can look into some of the bigger models.

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What time do you need the company to set up?

This is relevant for the time of your event. Usually, setting up takes around ten minutes depending on the size and power of the air pump that the company will use.

If you decide to rent out inflatable water slides in Corpus Christi, it is best to consider these significant benefits. When you talk to the rental company, you will have an idea about some of the leading questions you can ask, to thoroughly enjoy these inflatable water slides. Do not wait, beat the summer heat.

Choosing the right type of water slide

If this is the first time you are renting awater slide, you may be surprised by the wide variety of models on offer. Water slides can be anywhere from flat from the ground to up to 30 high. Some models come equipped with a splash pool while others have a splash pad. There are also single lane slides which can fit one rider and double lane slidesthat allow two riders to go down at the same time.

Matching a water slide to your budget

Renting a water slide is a surprisingly affordable option for party entertainment. However, there exists a broad range of prices depending on the model selected. You should choose the right water slide to meet your budget.

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Determine the rental company’s cancellation policy

Cancellation policies differ depending on the rental company you use, so this is something you should determine before renting the slide. Obviously, weather can ruin an outdoor party and so you want to be sure that you can cancel in the case of rain or high winds. Typically you will not be able to withdraw the water slide once it has been delivered, but a good rental company will allow cancellations before then.

Looking For The Right Inflatable Water Slides For Sale

Kids are going to find it very annoying if they are not engaged in something that they love and enjoy to do. But now there are online helps available and among many ideas, one effective solution is the inflatable water slides for sale. Over time parents of the kids have found out that the water toys are best because it not only provides long time fun but the children also get to exercise without sweating it out in the field. Among the big water slides following are the top three.

When it comes to inflatable water slides, the small ones are the right choice. Priced under $200, an inflatable slide measuring 18′ is a very popular choice. Its water holding capacity is 100 lb, and the user can inflate it within two minutes. It comes equipped with the airflow blower motor that runs continuously, and its new blowerdesign has no tip.

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If you purchase a commercial inflatable water park, you could surely start a business opportunity. You will be able to set-up the water slide at parks, events, fairs, and elsewhere in your community. Of course, you have to look into the legal and business requirements of such a venture.

How many kids are planning to use the inflatable park at any one time?

Every inflatable toy that kids will be on will have restrictions regarding how many kids can be on it at once. The specifications will list the maximum number of kids allowed at any given time or the maximum weight levels. You have to consider what you are purchasing the inflatable water slidefor and who will be using it. Always read the set-up and safety instructions, before use.

Is there enough room for theinflatable and is the area safe?

Inflatable water parks come in many different sizes. Obviously, you have to consider the area outside in which you will be laying the inflatable on. The surrounding area should be free of any hazards to children, or even potential damage to the inflatable itself. The inflatable will have to be securely staked to the ground, so you do have to know the make-up of the ground.

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What features do you want and what is your budget?

You could say that the bigger the inflatable, then the more expensive it will be. This makes sense, as there’s more material to it, but also more kids can use it at once. However, some inflatable slides are made up of more than just a sliding area. Some inflatables also contain a bouncing area for kids; some have a ball pit area, some a basketball hoop. The more activities the inflatable park contains, the more kids can partake in.

How To Maintain Water SlidesThe Right Way

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Prepare to have the cheapest summer fun ever in the comfort of your backyard with water slides. It is not only less costly, but it is also safer for the kids because they can play with their favorite medium – water, that is – in the safety and comfort of your backyard. In so many families, hours are spent by the children cooling it off from the summer heat with these water slides.

However, even though water slides are made of tough plastic, nothing is that tough when one hundred fifty pounds of a real human body (the average cumulative weight of three healthy kids) are jumping and horsing around on top of it for at the very least four hours every day. That is the reason why many backyard glasses of water slide life span are short. And this defeats the purpose of providing less-costly fun and enjoyment for the children. So, to minimize the damage on your investment and extend their existence to give fun to the kids, here are a few tips on the proper maintenance of backyard water slides that you can follow.

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Make sure that all those who will use the backyard water slide do not have anything in his body that can harm the plastic slide or another child. For instance, shoes should be taken off. Any pointed item like eyeglasses, plastic forks and spoons, comb, hard plastic sword toys, and any other sharp objects should not be brought to the backyard water slide.

Water slides are sources of fun and enjoyment, but if not managed correctly, the fun can become short-lived. Set up rules and before the kids romp off to the water slide, make sure they understand the rules well. Be strict with the rules and immediately enforce it when necessary. A single untoward incident can waste your time of fun for the family. One rule that can be set is waiting for their turn before sliding. Forming a proper line can minimize fights and injury as well. There are water slide models that can allow up to two, sometimes even four people on the top of the slide at once 3. How much is your budget?

Inflatable water slides can go for as little as $20 all the way up to $3000 for the huge industrial models. It is necessary to take into consideration the needs of your family and find a unit that fits within your price range.

Benefits of Buying Inflatable Water Slider for Your Kids

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Inflatable water slides are the most vigorous activities for kids involved in outdoor events. Many people opt to rent these for special events like birthday parties. While others make the one-time investment and buy inflatable slides for their kids. Whatsoever choice you make, you must know that having these will be lots of fun and thrill for any kids around. Inflatable water slides are available in many designer models including double, tube, front end loader and slide with detachable pools. There are many benefits of getting involved in this fun activity including some of them discussed below;

Cost Saving Activity

Buying an inflatable bouncy water slide for your back garden can save you money in the long run. This will make you able to use it whenever you want without having to pay for gas for your vehicle or pay the big entry fees. You can find that you children might be in the way while you’re trying to study, amuse a guest or possibly just want to clean the house, but at this time you have your amusement device in the garden so now you can send them out to play in your garden for hours of fun and pleasure.

For people who live in hot areas, inflatable water slidescan be a great asset for regular use. Placing these slides in your courtyard for your kids will make them love the outdoors during the summer. These days, kids love to enjoy passing their time in doing some outdoor activity rather than sitting indoors and playing games on television. All parents want their kids to be involved in activities that are safe to play, and this surely is the most simple activity to play for kids. We can also use them as dry slides to play in cold winter and fall season.

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Health Lifestyle

Another best feature of using theseoutdoor slides is that they support a healthy, energetic outdoor lifestyle. Rather than having children sit around to play video games and loading up on sweet foods and greatly caffeinated soft drinks, outdoor water slides cheers kids to be active and make their own adventure The workout made by the kids by climbing them and running all over to do it again is a great cardiovascular exercise and as long as the kids stay hydrated the enjoyment can last all day long.

The water slides are a suitable one for children to get relief from extreme heat conditions during summer. A water sliding rental company primarily believes in safety first and takes care of clients to perform activities in a clean environment. Inflatable slides make possible ways for enjoying holidays with other attractions such as dunk tanks, water balloon battle, inflatable slip, etc.

Several websites provide tips on water slides for rent for planning the holidays in advance to get complete excitement. However, people must make sure about the protection of their children when hiring them. It is an important one to set up the rules for children when utilizing them. This will help for preventing injuries and other problems in an efficient manner. Those who want to install them can seek support from experts to gain significant benefits. They also show ways for making holidays an unforgettable one by resolving complex issues. Furthermore, ideas for maintaining slidescan be gathered from them for celebrating events with ecstasy.

Fun in the Sun With Banzai Water Slides

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Among thousands of different toys for kids, water slides are considered to be the most popular things to play with it. This especially applies for inflatable water slides. Not only the kids, the adults also love to spend time playing with these slides. These slides are healthy, funny, entertaining, and also perfect for investment opportunity. Therefore, many families have home water slides in their property.

If the weather is great and you really want the whole household to have fun in the sunshine outdoors in the garden you need to buy an excellent outdoor water slide.

Banzai water slides are perfect for backyards. They are designed to ensure hours of fun. As a popular summer item, your kids and loved ones will truly enjoy it. They are easy to assemble, and vary in sizes. From small to large units, they can easily be found online. You can also visit your local sporting goods or hobbies stores. Most slides have visual instructions, which allow for easy installation. Simply follow each instruction carefully to ensure success. Theslides feature several themes. From bright and neon colors to cartoon characters, they are simply wonderful aquatic items.

Like other pool toys banzai water slides need air to function. Some are equipped with air pumps, while others require manual assistance. If using an air pump, simply connect it to a power source. Follow the directions to achieve desired air results. Once finished, simply disconnect and add water. Children, of course, should not handle the air pump. Even with manual air assistance, only adults should perform these actions. When using the water slide, make sure to refortify the pool’s base. Some slides connect to the pool itself, while others use grass or soft concrete as base. Regardless of which connection it uses, the base must be steady. If needed, place heavy cushions or light stones on the base. This will secure the pool, slide, and offer hours of non-stop entertainment.

Banzai water slides are even featured in several water parks. With Japanese roots, these slides are widely utilized and very popular. They coincide well with large or small pools. They especially work great with inflatable pools. This is due to their soft and smooth materials. Before purchasing any slide, always check their quality. Make sure to check for rips, tears, and especially defects. The last thing you need is an unsafe water slide. If all check out fine, go ahead with your purchase. You should also ensure how the water will be poured. Some slides require professional assistance. Others simply require a water pump or tap to fill the pool. The chlorine levels should also be checked. If using a water pump, always keep it away from your children.

Banzai water slides are globally popular. They provide hours of fun during the warmer months. You can purchase these units in the off-season as well. Since swimming is mostly done in the summer, you can access substantial savings in the winter. Simply visit a store that specializes in pool slides and accessories.

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Work without play makes Jack a dull boy. After a long day or week of work, you need to take a well deserved break and engage in an activity that will refresh your mind. Your kids also need a break from the strenuous academic work. You don’t have to travel several miles away yet you can still get this fun from the comfort of your home. A water slide is all that you need to get the mall rolling. It will turn your backyard into something else that you have never thought about. Your kids will always thank you and you will always be yearning to be at home.

Inflatable water slidescome with lots of benefits and cannot be compared to any other form of recreation. You don’t have to break the banks so as to install it at home. Unlike the permanent slides,inflatable slides are cheaper and affordable. You won’t have to break the banks so as to install one. You will definitely get one that meets your budget.

Their simplicity and portability cannot be compared with any other type of water slide. You can easily move an inflatable water slide anywhere within your backyard with much ease. You don’t have to be an expert so as to operate the slide. This is because it requires simple operations of inflating and deflating it.

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Inflatable water slides are strong and durable. The material that has been used to make these slides can withstand any form of physical pressure and won’t get punctured easily. This means that it is a worthy investment which will not burn your money. Do not forget the fun and thrill that one can get from the slides. Kids will be literally screaming with joy as they enjoy each and every moment on them You will not feel old anymore, a younger version of yourself will be brought back to life as you have total fun on the slide.

Choosing the best inflatable water slides

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Once you have decided to pimp up your backyard by purchasing a water slide, these factors will help you to ensure that you get the best inflatable water slides.

• The available space: You don’t want to buy a water slide only to discover that it does not fit on your backyard. Maybe your backyard is too small for the water slide. Ensure that you have enough space on your backyard and this will help you to get most out of it.

• Cost: Obviously your budget will dictate the type of slide that you will purchase. Do not be driven by the cost of the slide as sometimes you may end up buying a low quality item just because it was cheaper. A water slide is something that you can spend any amount of money on because you will reap lots of benefits from it. Carefully asses its features before making the final purchase.

• Type of material: Inflatable water slides are made of different materials. Analyse the material that has been used before making the final purchase.It should be strong so as to withstand any kind of weight. The material should also be resistant to punctures or any other form of physical aggression.

• Referrals: Ask other people who have bought the water slide and let them tell you about their experiences. Do not hesitate to go online to read about the reviews from buyers. This will give you more information about inflatable water slide and will help you to make a wise decision before purchasing it.

Water Slides Rentals

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Renting a water slide can be a great way for parents to help their kids enjoy the summer weather. They can also be a fun addition to any birthday party that you might want to hold for your child over the summer months. You may be surprised to find out that there is actually a wide variety of different water slides you can rent for your parties. You can rent any number of different water slides to actually create a miniature park in your park yard for a day. This guide will help you understand some essential information you may need to know about renting some of these inflatable water slides for your kids.

Basic inflatable water slides:

One thing to keep in mind is that you will want to buy a water slide that will meet the needs of all the kids that come to the party. If you are expecting a lot of different kids to show up, you may want to rent several water slides to keep them all entertained. Chances are good that this will be one of the most popular centers of the party, so you can bet that these kids will be pushing the capacity to the limit. Read up on all the different capacity limits for each of the water units. You may also want to try to get a guest list that will let you guess how many kids will be at the party. Use these bits of information to try to think of how many inflatable water slides you may need.

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Themed water slides: 

Another important tip will be to think about what style of water slide rentals you want to get for your kids. You may be amazed by the different types of water slides, as well as their size. If you are planning to have any kind of theme to the party, you may want to get a corresponding water slide that will fit the theme. For instance, if you want to host a tropical party over the course of the summer you can add a lot of themed flourishes to it. But the centerpiece of these themes may be an expansive tropical water slide, fit will inflatable palm trees on the side.

Multiple slide rentals:

There are some triple slide options that are very large, sometimes even double the size of a normal unit. Make sure that you take the time to carefully plan out how you will arrange these pieces in your back yard. You may want to take a look at how much space you will have to work with when you rent these units. You wouldn’t want to pay big money for several units, just to not be able to use one or two of them. You may want to put some space between these inflatable water slides, since the kids may be running around them and waiting in lines to ride.

Finally, to get some of these water slides, you will want to book their rentals somewhat in advance. The reason behind this is that the demand for these slides usually skyrockets over the summer. If you have a party planned a few weeks from now, you will want to make sure that the slide you want is actually in stock. Just plan ahead, and you will have the perfect water party for your kid

Baseball Water Slide

Few things today can generally combine an exciting mad rush, an exhilarating splash, lots of laughter and a generally happy family, all in an afternoon in the backyard. The sea might do the trick but it’s a bit of an ask packing it up and placing it in your backyard. If the idea of kids, and adults running around radiantly at your party sounds intriguing then you will definitely find the baseball water slide an epic addition to your home space.

The baseball water slide is just what it says on the box. It is a baseball diamond mapped out with plastic slip cloth between bases which sprinkles water onto its surface, making it slippery. You can use it for baseball with a plastic bat or even for kick ball. The setup is laid out flat on the yard and the sliding and running makes for a stirring party atmosphere. Some people go a mile extra and add a small amount of detergent on the surface for that extra slide with epic results.

Running and sliding, especially for third base are all part of the fun to avoid being struck out in kickball or baseball. How about the ‘falling down’ experience? Well this part can be less fun especially with the lack of control one experiences while slipping and sliding along the path to the bases. Well the baseball water slide is inflatable to an agreeable extent which puts the pain out of falling and makes the game fun for everyone. You can also spice it up by including kiddie pools at the bases, this allows players to jump in at the bases. Remember to have a hose of water nearby to replace splashed water.
So what makes baseball water slides a lovely splash of fun? Well they bring people together, they involve running, sliding, laughing and playing in water, and they combine the best of popular water and field sports. So, go on! Get yourself one.


Top 5 Things To Consider While Selecting A Blow Up Water Slide

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All of us prefer to enjoy the outdoors when there is sunshine outside and the weather is pleasant as well. In these conditions, you should contemplate of investing in blow up water slideswhich have the ability to convert the outdoors into a mini water park instantly. Your family members, especially the kids, are going to simply adore these awesome water slides which can bring the fun to the next level. In one word, a slide is one of the commodities which you must have in case you have children in your family. However, the great thing is that even the adults can get pleasure from these waterslides. Even if there is no pool at your residence, you can inflate these slides and can get the fun right from the comfort of your house.

In case you are searching for the most appropriate blow up water slides, you can choose from innumerable options; however, this does not indicate that you can select any model or any brand. Go on reading the subsequent paragraphs if you’re unsure of which water slide to select.

  1. Feedbacks from other individuals

A very important thing that should be taken into account while selecting a blow up water slide would be what other individuals are saying about them. You might go online to read the reviews or you might even ask them personally regarding their suggestions. It will be much simpler to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the options which you will have through their experiences and insights.

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  1. The cost of the slide

As a matter of fact, the majority of the individuals will consider the cost of the slide as the most important aspect and we should keep in mind that being inexpensive does not necessarily suggest that the slide is the best one on the market. In fact, the one should see the water slide as an investment at the end of the day. Consequently, do not hesitate to spend some extra cash for purchasing the slide if it provides you with all the features that you require.

  1. The materials which are used

Another essential aspect that must be considered while selecting a top quality water slide for the kids and adults is the materials which are used for making the slide. One must ensure that the slide is puncture resistant which will definitely have a significant impact on its safety as well as endurance.

  1. Consider the needs of the users

It is very important to ascertain beforehand whether the slide is going to be used by the adults or the kids. In case it will be used by the adults then it is imperative for the slide to be bigger in size and also it should be able to support much more weight.

  1. Availability of space

The availability of space is one more essential factor to be considered while choosing a top quality water slide. It will be suggested to select a slide that can fit with the space which you have in your backyard. Your yard will appear to be too much cramped in case the slide is too large and you won’t be capable of maximizing its usage for outdoor enjoyment.

Right Water Slide For Sale

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What better way to beat that Atlanta heat than with your own rental water slide. Water slides make a great addition to birthday parties, festivals, church events or simply as a cost-effective alternative to a day at the water park. Many people are surprised to discover the wide range of water slides we have to offer. Below you will find out how to select a rental water slides for sale that meets your budget, entertainment needs and safety requirements.

When hosting a party for children safety is obviously a priority. You want to ensure that your children and their guests will have a great time without putting themselves at risk. That’s why its critical that you rent a water slides for sale from a reputable company. Some of the things to look for include making sure that the rental company is licensed to operate. Secondly make sure that they use commercial grade equipment and that it is in good repair. Lastly, only rent rental water slides from companies which are properly insured.

Choosing the right type of water slide

If this is the first time you are renting a water slides for sale you may be surprised by the wide variety of models on offer. Water slides can be anywhere from flat across the ground to up to 30″ high. Some models come equipped with a splash pool while others have a splash pad. There are also single lane slides which can fit one rider and double lane slides that allow two riders to go down at the same time.

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Buying Water Slides

Before you think that you should run right out and buy water slide for sale there are some things you need to consider. One of them is while these are toys, they are large, and because they use water as well as air, they can be dangerous. If you are thinking about buying one for profit, you better do some research in the risks and responsibilities before getting one. Even if you buy one simply to have it set up in your backyard, there should be some kind of supervision at all times.

Some things to consider when looking for water slide for sale are:

The type:

There are several types of water slide for sale available in the market. Mainly there are two distinct types present. One that can be fixed, and the other which cannot be fixed. The first one is made of an inflatable material, which is mostly nylon. Children love them. They are operated with the help of a motor with an air pump. Air pressure is maintained to keep it inflated. The other option is that of fiberglass. They are fixed on the turf. Their long life is the main reason for why they are used. Otherwise, the former one is preferred over this one.

The price:

The price solely depends on the type of water slide for sale you chose. The one made of fiberglass is not that expensive as compared to the first one. The other one comes in different sizes and shapes. Larger the size higher will be the amount you have to pay. The largest is around about 4000 $ and above. It also depends on several other things like the design and shape. The quality of fabric used, and the kind of stitching done also determine the price of the water slide for sale.


Matching a water slides for sale to your budget

Renting a water slides for sale is a surprisingly affordable option as party entertainment. However there is a wide range of prices depending on the model selected. You should choose the right water slides for sale to meet your budget.

Determine the rental company’s cancellation policy

Cancellation policies differ depending on the rental company you use so this is something you should determine before renting the slide. Obviously weather can ruin an outdoor party and so you want to be sure that you are able to cancel in the case of rain or high winds. Typically you will not be able to cancel the water slides for sale once it has been delivered but a good rental company will allow cancellations before then.Having your very own inflatable is a great idea during the summer time for your kids to entertain themselves outside such as an inflatable water slide, and this way they will not get on your nerves as much as they would if they had nothing to do.

Inflatable Water Slide For Sale

Kids are continually searching for some diversion amid their late spring occasions, and there is nothing more interesting than playing in the water. This article will explain tips that you should consider before purchasing Inflatable water slide for you kid.Children get crazy when the mid-year season arrives. Each kid needs to have a water slide at the poolside to appreciate with their companions and cousins amid excursions. They simply get interested for them. Whenever water and excitement are blended, youngsters typically get distraught about it. Especially in the late spring season when the sun is warmth, and nobody is agreeable at home. Therefore purchasing an inflatable slide will be the best present for your child. Here are things that you have to consider on Inflatable water slide available to be purchased.

Inflatable slides are favoring and additionally engaging in the mid-year season. Size is the most critical variable that ought to be considered before purchasing the slide.A waterslide that is too huge will be an issue for you if you have little space in your lawn. It will be a major misuse of cash and in addition time. You need to decide the extent of your space and locate the appropriate size as per it. Ensure that your neighbors don’t have an issue with your slide. Picking the best possible size will guarantee that your kids and their companions can appreciate playing in the water. Ensure that when setting waterslide, there is sufficient space in your terrace to move around appropriately with no obstruction.

Slides that are intended for kids have a few limitations on a few children that can play on it at one time. There is normally a tag on the back of the slide on which it is obviously specified the number of individuals that can play on it and of what age. In the event that it is not said, you should ask the seller. Ensure you are clear about the determinations and sort of slide that you will buy. Bigger the inflatable water slides, the more costly it will be. Ensure that there are some different components incorporated into the inflatable water-slide as the children will feel exhausted in the wake of doing likewise action more than once. In the same way as other waterslides contain a skipping area for children, b-ball band, ball pit range and some different components that will fulfill your children. Arrange your inflatable water slides now and make your kids feel enjoyed and cheered.

Getting the right inflatable moonwalk or obstacle course for the right age of child is very important. You do not want to buy a small one for big kids or a big one when you have smaller children. Mixing children of varied different sizes in one inflatable calls for caution since the bigger kids can have the little ones tossed about uncontrolled. A small bouncer with bigger kids will cause uncontrolled bumping and banging. So look at your children, take in consideration for their difference in sizes and aggressiveness of play and keep these factors in mind when purchasing an inflatable bouncer or obstacle course so that you will have years of fun and enjoyment.

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If you are planning a festival or fundraiser you may wish to inquire whether the rental company can provide staff to manage the slide. There may also be special pricing available for larger events. Also ensure that you have adequate flat ground to house the size of water slides for sale that you want to hire. Water slides are often in high demand during the summer months so be sure to book in advance to ensure that you are able to rent the water slides for sale that meets your requirement.

The final word

If you have been looking for the best inflatable water slides, these 5 must be taken into account right now. All of them offer a lot of fun, which is useful for your children, but they also offer safety, which is essential for parents. Well-made, loaded with latest features and designed to last, these water slides are the best deal at the moment. We chose and tested only models that are appealing to children, so none of these slides will be a wrong birthday present. If you use aforementioned factors to choose one of the tested water slides, you will definitely end up with the best unit for all the requirements you have.








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