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Best Inflatable Water Slides for Sale

Who doesn’t love baseball? It’s the great American pastime, as synonymous with summer as BBQs and apple pie. But unfortunately, this summer’s blazing sun really brought its A-game. With temperatures climbing, you’re more likely to get heat stroke than a home run.

That’s where the baseball water slide changes things up. It’s all the fun of a water slide, designed in a large square “ballpark” with plenty of sprinklers to keep things slick and slidable. But what’s it all about?

The Inflatable Baseball Water Slide

All baseball water slides are inflatable, taking about two minutes to fully blow up. This provides a very thin line of cushion around the edges to keep the water in, but trust us – you’ll want to place it on soft grass. It’s not exactly the Great Wall, and sliding into home – and beyond it – is less fun on dirt.

Can You Find This Water Slide Online?

Is there anything you can’t find online? If you don’t feel like driving to your local Target, where these are usually in stock, you can always visit the ever-trusted heavy hitters: Amazon, eBay, Jet.com, Walmart.com, and Kohls.com.

Banzai is the main seller of these slides, though there are a few smaller brands available for varying costs.

How Durable is It?

Unless you are wearing a barbwire swimsuit, slip n’ slides can withstand just about anything. However, baseball water slides have more complicated features, don’t they? How long do the sprinklers last? If you leave it exposed to the weather for weeks at a time, will it survive to next summer?

The inflatable edges seem to be the first to go, while the sprinklers are well-hidden in the plastic to protect them from exposure and any battering as you slide into home. You’ll certainly want to wrap it up and take it from the sun after finishing a game, but all in all, it’ll last you one to two years. Considering its low price, it’s certainly affordable to replace.

How Good Are the Sprinklers?

You know what’s really disappointing in a waterslide? Managing the slickness yourself. Either you’re pouring out gallons or getting very unsightly friction burns up and down your body. That’s why Banzai baseball water slides are self-regulating.

After it’s reached its full shape, simply connect one hose to the corresponding nozzle on the slide. This will activate the several sprinklers lining the edges, which will shoot circular arcs over the plastic between bases – not only keeping things cool, but making you look cool as you zip underneath them.

How Many Accessories Are You Going to Need?

Since the slide is relatively small, it’s not recommended to pass down your favorite steel bat and authentic (aka, hard)ball to Junior. Not only would a kid have trouble swinging it, if they have a bright career as a batter ahead of them, at a distance of only a few feet from the pitcher, someone could lose teeth.

For this game, a soft plastic bat and ball are recommended. But don’t worry – you won’t get the box home and the kiddos excited, just to realize, “Hey… baseball has those other things in it, right?” And back to the car you go.

All kits come complete with a bat and baseball, durable enough to survive even longer than the slide itself – but soft enough that the pitcher can catch the ball like a rockstar without feeling a thing.

How Much Does it Cost?

School is out, summer vacation is here, and it’s time to make the most of it! Somehow your bank account never gets the memo.

Finding something fun to do from May to September without breaking the bank is a heady venture – especially since most retailers know this, and jack up the prices.

Luckily baseball water slides keep a steady price of around $29 to $40, depending on your retailer. That means: when you need to get the kids out into fresh air, but still have high AC bills to pay, this is the price of a pit stop at Burger King.

What Sizes Does It Come in?

We keep saying “kids,” like they’ll be the only ones using it, but let’s face it. As soon as the neighbors aren’t looking and you get that “We’re doing it, aren’t we?” look from your spouse or friend, you’ll be on the thing yourself. “To bond with the kids,” of course.

So is it big enough to manage that?

There are 14 feet between each base, meaning even a full sized adult can slide with space to spare; though while the kids will reach the edge and be fine, you’ll definitely be tasting grass. If you want to enjoy running dives, consider placing kiddy pools at each corner to compensate. Even if you’re not using it personally, it’s a great way to spice up the game for the kids.

How Does it Vary From Normal Baseball?

While the game is fairly straightforward to begin with, this slide is meant for ages 5 to 12, so it has been simplified further. There are four bases at each corner of the square, and an open area in the center for the pitcher. Give one of the kiddos a bat, one at the center a ball, get three more in position on their bases – and then have at it. Once a ball has been struck, it’s time for everyone to start diving – but no running. There should be more than enough water to slide you into base.

What Colors Does It Come In?

So far the Banzai brand only offers bright orange; a nice and exciting color to brighten up your backyard.

Can You Make Your Own?

If you just can’t resist going bigger and better, or would rather save that $20-something for a rainy day, then we don’t blame you. The principle behind the baseball water slide is a simple one to recreate – all you need is some slick plastic, a hose, and a few markers to indicate your bases. After this, get your bat and ball, and have at it.

However, you’ll miss out on the sprinklers, which make the retail option most appealing. Sure, sliding from base to base is great, but being showered in delightfully cool water under the blazing sun, and keeping the slide consistently wet to avoid foiling any epic move – that’s the real selling point.





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Usage age (years) 10 years and up 6 years and above 6 years and above 6 years and above 3 years and above % years and above 3 years and above
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