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What it is

Inflatable pool slide is a huge material made of PVC that air can be pumped into to create a hollow space that water can be filled to create a poll of water without necessarily having an artificial pool built. It is easy to setup and to dismantle and can be brought to use at ones convenience. They are available for buying or hiring depending on the intended purpose and where it will be used. Inflatable pool slides also come in a variety of designs unlike pools that have only one design. They give absolute fun especially for children.

What it is used for

Inflatable pool slides are normally bought for entertainment. They are used by children usually on weekends or holidays or whenever a parent decides to hold a party for a child hence many children who will come around may enjoy their stay. It creates a temporary pool where children swim and slide and enjoy every other water sport. It is a great entertainment for all outdoor water games.

Whose is it suitable for?

Although most homes hire, there are those that buy then rent t out to their neighbors. People in the children entertainment affairs also buy them then set them up at common grounds where families visit to have nice time. They then charge the children to use it. Hotels and restaurants have not been left behind too. They are buying inflatable pool slides as a way of attracting customers especially those with children to their business by providing access to pool side to the children for free.

Benefits of inflatable pool slides

· Provides fun activity for children

· It is cheap as compared to building a real pool

· A source of income to those in the business of selling it and those hiring them out


· Requires carrying from one place to another (expense)

· Needs a person to watch out for children when using it incase of accidents

· May require attentive handling to avoid punctures

What to consider when buying water slide/poolslide

If acquiring a water slide is one of your plans, there are several factors to consider before buying one. They entail:




If you are buying a family pool slide, the requirements to look at vary greatly from the one to be used for commercial purposes. You also need to determine how frequent it will be used. This allows you to budget and buy the right kind of water slide.

How many kids

If the slide will be used for family purposes, then one may need to determine how many kids. It can be your own kids or including your relative’s. If that is the situation, consider the appropriate size, age and weight of the children then look for a water slide that meets their needs.

Room for water slide

It needs a spacious ample ground. Determine the room available in your backyard that will enable it sit properly and still be easily accessible to children


The safety of the children is paramount. Its design should be one that is less likely to cause falls, throws or any foreseeable injury to the kids. The safety of the water slide is also important. Know the ground you are going to set it up before hand. It should not have anything that can cause prick or scratches to it.


The bigger the water slide the more expensive it is. First know your budget then choose from the waterslides available with the kind of budget you are able to raise. Buying substandard water slide for less will ultimately be expensive in the long run.


As said before, water slides come in different designs. There are those that have room for playing different games hence compartmentalized. Again the more the sports in water slides the higher the price.


Water slides come in different materials in terms of durability, resistance to scratch, leak proof and its environmental friendliness. Choose wisely.

How to care or maintain water slide so that it can last long

However strong or durable the material of the water slide, it is bound to tear and wear with use more so with reckless care.


Regularly check for any obstruction crack chips or bubbles in the slide path before setting up your water slide. Mend any leaking seals or joints. Check also the water quality to be used.

Routine Maintenance

Take care of the fiberglass flume as you would your car. They do not need service or repainting but regularly washed, waxed and repaired routinely to protect it. Wash with mild soap every month. Wax it twice in every working season.

General precautions

There are also many ways to take care of water slides that must not be spelled but rather common sense. Like checking the ground to which you are setting up the waterslide.

Read the manual

The best way to take care of it is to adhere to the manual and how it states the way to take care of it. It also puts instructions o how to put it up and also how to maintain it. Most people fail by disposing the important document and run to technician for simple problems or technical hitches.

Where to buy water slides

You should be having enough information about the dealer you are buying waterslides from. This is because you need to claim your warranty if need be. Some suppliers also offer repairs the first two years if the water slides break. The supplier should also be someone trusted and reliable to even provide after sale services like how to maintain water slides and advise on maintenance.

Water pool slides for adults

There are also adults’ water slides available. They are more expensive and have tougher strong and durable materials that can handle the weight and use by adults. Look around and provide the fun to grownups too.

Other things to consider

When planning to buy or hire inflatable waterslides makes sure to book in advance as the suppliers increase the price during summer more than in other seasons. It is also possible to get themed waterslides in case you want one that suits the event you want to host.







Find the perfect inflatable water slide for you and your family – the ultimate comparison chart


Water Slides Name

Blast Zone Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park

Blast Zone Pirate Bay Inflatable Combo Water Park and Bounce by Blast Zone

Sportspower Big Wave Inflatable Water Slide

Little Tikes Slam 'n Curve Slide

Blast Zone Misty Kingdom Inflatable Bouncer - Water Park with Slide by Blast Zone

Blast Zone Spray-n-Splash 2 Inflatable Water Park

Blast Zone Shark Park Inflatable Water Park Bouncer

Easy Take Down
Product Dimension 14 feet Length x 22 feet Wide x 8 feet Height 20 x 12 x 8 28 x 17 x 18 inches 168 x 108 x 84 inches 20.5L x 7.5W x 8H 98"L x 27"W 21 x 6 x 9
Usage age (years) 10 years and up 6 years and above 6 years and above 6 years and above 3 years and above % years and above 3 years and above
Price $$ $$ $$$ $$$ $$ $$ $$

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