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Information Inflatable Water Slides

Inflatable water slides provide a fun way for your kids to be outdoors. It keeps them actively engaged in play as the water adds to the fun. Varieties of inflatable water slides for sale exist and they come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They are a sure favorite among kids and you can be sure to bring them great joy by having an inflated water slide at events such as corporate picnics, backyard parties, festivals, carnivals, as well as church functions. There are water slides for both commercial and residential use, with the commercial kind being larger than those intended for residential use are.

Name Product

Intex Water Slide Inflatable Play Center, 135" X 81" X 50", for Ages 6+

Backyard Adventure Water Park Slide Sprinklers, 17.9 Foot long Fun Course Party

SuperSlide Inflatable In Ground Pool Water Slide by Swimline

WOW Super Slide l 25' x 6' Water Slide

Ages 8-10 years old 8-12 years old 8-12 years old 8-12 years old
Setup Easy to setup Easy to setup Easy Easy
Product Dimensions 20 x 14 x 4 inches 160 x 66 x 64 inches 16 x 5 x 20 inches 131 x 90 x 44 inches
Item Weights 11.2 pounds 32 pounds 15 pounds 17 pounds

The inflatable water slide is really a moon bouncer with a slide and a watering system. The Moon bouncer sometimes called the bouncy castle,inflatable castle, bounce house, or a moon bounce was the precursor to the inflatable water slide. The moon bouncer’s main feature is a jump floor and the inflatable water slide would typically consist of a moon bouncer with an inflatable slide and a climbing wall to access the slide as well as a watering system.

The inflatable water slide may also come with additional features such as obstacle courses and interactive games. The water slide is usually available for both residential and commercial use as determined by the size of the slide. The slides are easy to set up and easy to transport to the site of an event or function because their volume significantly reduces when deflated. What one must then do is to fold the deflated slide in readiness for transporting. Here are some of the things you should know before purchasing an inflatable water slide.

How the Inflatable Water Slide Works

To inflate the inflatable water slid requires the use of a blower. The blower, attached to the rear of the water slide, pushes air into the inflatable slide. The blower will the constantly push air into the slide and air will naturally leak of the slide through the pores and seams of the fabric. This ensures that there is a constant flow of air. However, the air that leaks out is less than the air that pushed in by the blower thereby ensuring the slide stays inflated.

The blowers run on electricity and one should take all safety precautions when working with any electrical equipment.

The inflated water slide should be able to hold the weight of the number of children recommended by the manufacturer. This is because overloading the inflatable slide may cause damage the slide and cause injury to the kids because the blower will not be able to maintain the pressure needed to keep the slide properly inflated. For this reason, the user should test the inflatable slide before using it.

Things to Consider When Buying an Inflatable Water Slide

When you are buying, a water slide it is important to consider the quality of the unit and more importantly it vital to follow the safety recommendations of the manufacturer. The water slides for sale usually come with the safety guidelines as well as the instruction manuals that you should read before using the product. Some of the rules that will keep people safe as they enjoy themselves in the sun are as follows.

• Kids should not enter the slide unless there is an adult attendant around

• Users should always follow the attendant instructions

• Users should not enter the unit with sharp objects

• Users should remove any shoes, jewelry, and eyeglasses before entering

• Users should not go into the unit with food, pets, sprays, or drinks

• Users should desist from aggressive maneuvers such as wrestling, flipping, tumbling, piling, or chasing while they are inside the unit

• Rough play within the unit is not okay.

• Evenly match users in terms of size.

• The user should stay and remain calm if the weather conditions change or if the unit begins to deflate while in use. Then he should carefully exit the unit.

• You should never use the unit in bad weather such as when it rains or when there are high winds.

• Only one person sliding at a time

• You should use the correct sliding techniques. For example, users should slide while they are seated and not head first.

Why the Inflatable Water Slide

The inflatable water slides give kids the opportunity to develop social kids as they play with the other kids. The kids also benefit by being out in the sun. Remember, the sun is a great source of Vitamin D, and their creativity gets to work because they usually invent different games as they play on the water slide. The slides are usually very colorful which helps create a very attractive display that will entice and
attract the kids to join in the fun. The slide is also a great way to help kids become active which is beneficial for their health. Theinflatable water slide is fun. It will keep the kids active and entertained. It will also help them learn how to interact with other kids. Even with the fun, there should be an attendant around while the kids play and safety should always be a priority.

One of the most important characteristics a person needs when selling inflatable water slides is the desire to create hours of safe endless fun in the sun. The slides are a great way of creating occasions and functions that kids will always remember. You can purchase a small unit for your kids and their friends to have fun with at home.

You can also purchase commercial units and start your own business renting them out for events and functions. If you are thinking of going the business way it is important to note that each state has its own regulations regarding the use and renting of inflatable water slides and you will be required to adhere to the same before starting your business. Get your water slide today. It will be great fun for you and your family. Talk to us today if you need the best one in the market. We will gladly help you.


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